Member Information

Club Governance


1. Members annually elect four officers: president (John Kerin), vice president (Patrick Neptune), treasurer (Dan Lohmann) and secretary (Phil Brown). The elected officers also act as the club’s board of directors.
2. No one can be elected as either president or vice president if he or she has already served four or more years in those positions cumulatively. The term limit does not apply if no one new steps up for a slot.
3. Members are admitted to the club by the officers, generally after riding with the club a few times on a trial basis.
Club Communications
We have two main avenues of communication. For all general information communication, the officers will communicate via e-mail. This includes, but is not limited to, weekly pre-ride announcements, annual membership drives, clothing information, team party announcements and general team welfare communications (road closings, safety concerns, etc.). All of the other communication such as weekly post ride reports, general cycling discussions, bike or parts deals, sharing of pictures, bike vacations reports, and the like, will move to Facebook, which is best suited for this type of communication.
Please respect the wishes of those who are not on Facebook by not replying to all on e-mails from officers. If you do not join the VCR Facebook group, you will only see officer communications from the new VCR lite e-mail group.
Club Liability Insurance

We have purchased liability insurance for the club through American Specialty Insurance Company's program for clubs that belong to the League of American Bicyclists. Some information related to the policy appears in the attachment to this page. Additional information is available at the linked brochure. We have the general liability coverage.



VCR Release and Waiver Form

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